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Ternary Financial Services was started in 2001 by Rene Johnson, who had previously worked in a short-term insurance practice. When she started her own business, she increasingly focused on the long-term products in which Ternary now specialises: advice to pension funds, investment and medical aid clients, as well as consultation on risk products. She has worked incredibly hard to retain the independence of the business and built it up by attracting young, like-minded individuals.

The word “ternary” has both a musical and a mathematical meaning, subjects in which Rene’s two daughters were very involved. Additionally, Rene’s colleagues in the short-term practice had humorously referred to her as a “loud bird” – thus the inclusion of the word “tern” seemed appropriate.

The name might have been an easy task, but the reputation that Ternary has built over the years as a business that puts clients first no matter what, is arguably the greatest achievement of the founder.


(1) consisting of three or groups of three;
(2) Maths – of a number system to the base three;
(3) a musical structure consisting of two contrasting sections followed by a repetition of the first