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Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!

Walking along happily and suddenly stepping into broken glass is horrible.  Much the same sort of feeling when you spend happily on your credit card and suddenly find the bonus you were expecting - and which you thought would cover the spending - is less than half.  So our message to you today is twofold [...]

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So this week two aspects about medical aid which we think you should be thinking about [and doing something about, sorry to say!]. In your financial plan for the future, which includes retirement amongst other things, how much are you budgeting to save each month specifically to pay your medical aid in retirement? Too many [...]

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This time of the year being a member of a medical aid is as stressful as your daughter getting married or your favourite pet being run over by your kind neighbour. The pressure of having to make a choice as to whether you continue with the same plan as you are on this year, with [...]

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Oh (not) a beautiful morning

The world woke up a different place this morning, shaken up by global financial markets misbehaving en masse. Some of the headlines on Fin24.com throughout the day did nothing to give nervous investors a warm-and-fuzzy feeling: WATCH: Is this the start of a global economic slowdown? Equity bloodbath spreads through Asia Rand sinks most since [...]

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Investment Planning

Without any doubt, the need for a properly diversified and professionally managed investment is vital. We have seen a number of investigations by the Financial Services Board, where investors have lost a lot of money due to investment strategies that are not suitable to their needs; financial goals or THEIR money is invested in portfolios [...]

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Income Distributions

While reading the latest fact sheets of your favourite unit trusts, you may have noticed a section dealing with income distributions. Then you may have thought to yourself “Hey that’s quite nice, but what does it all mean?” First off, when invested in unit trusts, whether it’s a high equity fund, a low equity fund [...]

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