Tax Planning on Retirement Income

You have retired and are now drawing an income from your investments. The question is, are you drawing it tax efficiently or is your hard-earned retirement capital being paid to SARS? In a world where you have a Living Annuity and discretionary capital (let us assume an investment plan), you can receive the same amount [...]

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Estate Planning – 4 Pitfalls to look out for

You have an Estate Plan which has been quantified and your Will has been amended to ensure that the costs of your Estate can be paid as well as your dependents are cared for financially. This is only the first step! Over the years of winding up Estates, we have seen some pitfalls which we [...]

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Estate Planning – Why you need It?

Estate planning is there to ensure that your heirs can continue their current lifestyle; your estate can pay all liabilities and costs; you do not unnecessarily pay income tax; your Will is properly drafted to ensure your wishes are met; the Trust/s you have are aligned with your Will and properly structured; your future financial [...]

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Budgeting is an ongoing process, which needs to adapt to the changes in your life. You get a raise, you lose your job, you have kids, someone near to you passes away, your kids go to University (or worse, Private School!). Your car breaks down, your in-laws move in, your spouse loses their job. Your [...]

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The National Budget through Ternary’s eyes

The former Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, delivered the budget speech on Wednesday, 21 February 2018. Yes, this took place more than a week ago! The most talked about point is that Value Added Tax (VAT) will increase from 14% to 15% effective 1 April 2018. We believe this is the better strategy (of all [...]

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Investing at a Discount for Retirement

It is February 2018, and conversations are starting around the upcoming budget speech and marking the end of another tax year for individuals. This is also the last chance where you can take advantage of the tax deduction received from contributing to your retirement fund for the 2017/2018 tax year. As an individual you are [...]

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Tax Free

You know it is Janu-worry when you are back at work, traffic is seemingly worse than last year and the memories of quality time spent on summer holiday with your loved ones are fading fast. Although it is a month in which resolutions are made and often broken, the month of January brings about an [...]

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Common Pitfalls When Drawing Up a Last Will and Testament

The Blog was featured at: 19 Experts Warn Against Common Pitfalls When Drawing Up a Last Will and Testament At some stage in one’s life, you realise that: you will die, even if you think that is unlikely; you are ageing faster than you anticipated; and you have accumulated assets and your cat cannot be a [...]

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